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About Us

U Property helps make a difference
in the lives of many people around us

U Property was founded in 2016 with a noble mission to make a difference in the property industry. The founders are a group of people who come from many different backgrounds and expertise, such as property, business, and coaching. We aim to be everybody’s favorite property agency through our service and contribution.


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About Us

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Vision & Mission

We yearn to transform people’s lives through real estate agency. When it comes to that vision, we want to develop the undeveloped by sharing knowledge and success. In the middle of ever-changing needs from the world, we represent freedom to work with a solid system, among people with the right mindset.
U Property breathes a new fresh air of property agency through our identity. We believe that every great result comes from the right mindset. Skills can be trained but mindset comes first. That’s why we find it fulfilling to have the freedom to open a new perspective in this industry. 

Company Values

We live by these values to the point where they become our tailor-made company culture. These values define who we are and how we work to bring goodness to the world. We walk the talk with fellow employees and our clients and investors.
“Steadfast to process.”
“Talk the truth, do the right.”
“Own it. Do it. Love it.”
“Everyone matters.”
“Excellence is an attitude.”

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